Marsha M's Story

My dream coach has a Superpower! 

I’d never met her, but a chance conversation about my needing to make a change led me, reluctantly, to a position that has turned out to be better than I dreamed! 

My Dream Coach heard what I said, but she felt what I meant, and “encouraged” me to “just take a look, it will at least help build your network.” I was burned out and looking for something completely different but she was insistent I look at a position doing pretty much the same thing I’d been doing! She didn’t even know the particulars of the position but she knew the person behind it and she knew I needed to make the connection!

I got the job, I feel totally supported, and I love what I’m doing again! It’s everything I didn’t know I needed, but obviously was missing. Somehow my Dream Coach knew I needed to pursue this and I started 2022 with a new position and a new attitude! My Dream Coach’s Superpower is Real! She has been such a blessing and we still haven’t even met!

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