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Having grown up on the “other side of the tracks”, and not yet knowing all that was available to help, we dreamed and acted on those dreams. With much faith and guidance, we were able to move from those dream to reality by linking to supports like: access to quality education, mentorship, community connection and fostered entrepreneurial learning. Once seeing our dreams realized, we wanted to help others see their full potential attained, as well.

Time2Dream works towards educating, encouraging, and empowering entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Africa. Our goal is to contribute to the enhancement of the economic conditions for individuals residing in the U.S. and on the African continent. 

In Los Angeles alone, the economic and educational landscapes are wrought with inequity. The median household income for black and brown households is between $54,432 and $58,438, compared to $77,752 for majority households, and only about $46,000 for black and brown women.* These systemic disparities not only limit the potential of brown and black individuals but also perpetuate an unjust cycle of inequality that demands attention, action, and an unwavering commitment to dismantling the barriers obstructing their paths to economic and educational equity. Rewriting and rebuilding pathways to success is where Time2Dream will work to help Dreamers shine!

(*Source: United States Census Bureau, 2019 American Community Survey)


Our mission is to connect ‘Dreamers’ to their dreams. We do this by bridging entrepreneurs to business, networkers to networks and ‘Dream Coaches’ to ‘Dreamers’.


Our vision is to ensure individuals from marginalized communities and disparate, culturalized groups in the U.S. and Africa have greater access to reciprocity and enrichment opportunities. We are committed to provide education and assistance in the development of career pathways that will support economic freedoms and individual empowerment for the ‘Dreamer’.


We value People.
We value Equity.
We value Integrity.
We value Opportunity.
We value Dreams!

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